Why Should We SAVE the BEE? Our planet’s food supply is absolutely dependent on pollination. One out of every three bites of food Americans consume come from a plant visited by bees or other pollinators. Honey bees pollinate essential crops critical to our good health and produce millions of dollars of honey every year. In ….  Read More

Coming SOON!


Our Motto is For animals and their Humans. So need I say more? Our net adventure will be JERKY for animals as well humans – sticking with our motto and doggie biscuits. of course the ones for animals will be made with PEANUT BUTTER but okay for humans. These will be made when ordered to ….  Read More



Thats right we would say the best win/win is getting a 30% discount at checkout plus points. Until 04/30/20 we will let you have: 30% off plus 100 points for ordering and a bonus of 50 points besides your regular points for purchase. Who could go wrong with that